IOS App Store Search sucks

I’d love to install the new Google Hangouts app.  Apparently it’s available, but searching for it in the IOS App store is a total fail.   Seriously Apple, can’t you just update the index when a new app is approved?

According to this poll, 41% of Republicans think that Benghazi is the biggest political scandal in American history.  74% think it’s worse than Watergate, and 70% think it’s worse than Iran Contra.  That’s staggering.  Of-course, of the 41% who think it’s the worse scandal in American history, 39% don’t even know where Benghazi is.   

As I said in another forum, I’m at a loss why anyone who is intelligent and paying attention would self-identify as “Republican” these days.  If you want to call yourself “conservative” that’s cool, I may even agree with you on some issues, but “republican”?  It’s like saying “I’m a flipping idiotic, conspiracy theorizing, wingnut, watch me do something stupid”.

Nice backstory too…

Reset Fitbit One

The kind folks at Fitbit got back to me about my syncing issues and they were able to solve the problem.  I expected I’d be receiving a new Fitbit One, but instead they had me reset the tracker.  I haven’t seen this procedure in the documentation, so if you have a similar problem try this…

To restart your One tracker, please do the following:

1. Plug your tracker into the charging cable, which needs to be connected to your computer. Please make sure that the gold dots on your tracker align with the gold contacts in the inside of the charger. When you hear a click, you will know your One is in the charging cable properly. 

2. Hold down the button on your tracker for 12 seconds. 

3. Remove your tracker from the charging cable. 

4. Press the button on your tracker until the screen illuminates again. Your One should function properly now.

Fitbit One distress

I love my Fitbit One, it’s definitely helped me increase my daily activity.  Recently though it stopped syncing to my iPhone, no amount of rebooting, reinstalling apps, and charging helps.  I’ve reported the issue to Fitbit and fully expect they’ll get back to me with a replacement.

In the meantime, it’s amazing how much I miss some technology I didn’t even own a few short months ago.   I can still carry the fitbit and check it by hand before going to bed, and that’s helpful.  But without the syncing and competition it just isn’t the same.  I share stats with my wife and a couple of friends, of-course they all think I’m being lazy and not carrying it, but the truth is I miss the sharing aspect.  

Don’t get me wrong, I still think folks who post daily activity updates to facebook are nuts, but sharing privately with a couple of close friends is actually fun, somewhat motivational,  and I actually miss it. Who’da thunk it.

According to IBM, the Volt is equipped with 100 electronic controllers, its very own IP address and roughly 10 million lines of software code. … that’s also more than today’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner which features a paltry 8 million lines of code.

And this is a good thing? How could all that code possibly be needed? The more code the more chance of bugs, not something you want in a car.  Typically I’m more impressed with the least amount of code necessary for the functionality; it’s rare touting how many lines of code you wrote is impressive to engineers.  

 I also wonder if it’s IP address is Internet routable, I sure hope not. Maybe it’s behind a NAT firewall, but does that mean Volt’s can ping each other?

Where’s Ping’s Facebook connection?

So, this is confusing.  Like many Apple Fan-Bois (yep, I admit it) I’ve downloaded iTunes 10 and activated my Ping account.  It should be fun, many of my friends have interesting musical tastes.  Now, I’m no Lady Gaga, but I’d prefer not to have to enter the name of every single person I know into iTunes to see if they’re on Ping.  Even the few people I’m particularly interested in following may not activate Ping for a few weeks or months, I really don’t want to have to keep checking.  

No worries though, Apple has my back.  Or do they?  Here’s an excerpt from an email I received from Apple after activating the service…

Finding People to Follow

Ping makes it easy to find and follow your favorite artists and friends. In iTunes on your Mac or PC, select Ping and click Featured Artists or Featured People to find new or noteworthy Ping members. If you know someone already on Ping, you can search for them by name from the Ping home page. You can even check to see which of your Facebook friends also use Ping by connecting Ping to Facebook when editing your profile.

Cool!  Ping will search my Facebook friends and let me know who’s using Ping.  The problem is, you go to your profile, edit it, and there’s no mention of Facebook.  Maybe I’m a being a dunce (it’s happened before), but if it’s there it’s really well hidden.

To add more grist to mill, AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher snagged a conversation with Steve Jobs himself after yesterday’s event, and he says no Facebook.

Jobs did not elaborate on those troublesome terms and also would not say if Ping would incorporate Facebook Connect–which would make it much easier to find friends to share music with.

“We could, I guess,” he shrugged.

And when I asked how to find friends, Jobs offered, noting iTunes had 160 million users across the globe: “You can type their names into search or send them emails inviting them to join.”

Kara did add an update to her article saying that Facebook is available to some users, but not her, and not me.  It seems that I’m not the only one who’s confused.  Cultofmac and Dan Frommer are having issues too. 

Come on Apple, let’s get this right.  Facebook integration would be really useful, don’t tease us if you’re not going to turn it on.

UPDATE: @michaelwilde adds “you know whats wierd… i had a facebook link in iTunes Ping last night.. but its gone now.”

Interesting Personal Search Startup

Greplin in an interesting Y Combinator funded startup that would have saved me a couple of weeks ago.  I was looking for a phone number but couldn’t remember where I’d stored it, Greplin searches everything — problem solved!

The question is, who are these guys and why should I trust ‘em?  If they have access to my Facebook, Linkedin, Salesforce, Twitter, Dropbox, and Evernote accounts, they pretty much have access to every piece of data in my personal and business life.  That makes me awfully uncomfortable; even if the principals in the company are standup folks, how do I know their software is secure?  If they become popular they’ll be prime targets for bad guys.

UPDATE: I wanted to give Greplin a whirl, so I tried registering with a few of my less concerning accounts (twitter and facebook).  After two days I received an email that they’ve finished indexing but due to heavy load they’re not ready to let me use the site yet.  So, they have my data but they won’t let me see what I have.  I’d rather they didn’t allow signups until they’re ready.  I’ve removed access to the application on both facebook and twitter.  I wonder what tidbits Greplin still has?  I guess I may never find out.

Fascinating interview with Peter Sisson, founder of Toktumi.  It looks like Toktumi is a great company, and Line2 is fantastic.  I’ve ported my office phone, it’ll be even better when they add SMS support next month.

I still loved it.  I particularly like this quote from the article…

"If you guys don’t cast her I’m going to move to Canada because everything I know is wrong.”


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